Chris Fattarsi

Web Developer. Software Engineer. Climber. Cat Lover

I'm an all around web developer who loves good structures and quality code (who doesn't?). I like getting my hands dirty working on full stack web development. Words like 'Python', 'unit testing', and 'REST API' get my heart racing. I love working with a specialized and passionate small team making awesome applications with a big impact.

What I've been up to lately...


Own project

I spend the last year working on a mobile app that allows climbers to browser for route, rate them, and share their accomplishments with their friends. I built the API using the Django Rest Framework. I used AngularJS on the client side and Ionic to deploy on Android and IOS.

Angular JS, Ionic, Postgres, Django, OAuth


Piston Cloud (now Cisco)

Experience Engineer Manager - Distributed Everything Engineer (Jan 2012 - Jan 2015)

Piston was a startup that provides software to deploy private clouds. My work at Piston involved working on the company's core product (OpenStack based) in a continuous integration environment.

As employee 10, I owned major aspects of the core code base, including the user facing dashboard (Django), the developer API (Bottle), and the update system (Python). As the company grew to 50+, I helped grew the engineering team as a manager and mentor to new engineers. I loved the chaotic energy of this startup and have learned so much working with some of the most talented people I've ever met.

Python, OpenStack, Django, Flask, Jenkins, Git, Scrum/Agile development


NASA Ames Research Center

Software Engineer (2007 - 2011)

My work here was to develop custom tools - from scripts to web applications - to support a 300+ NASA researchers. My communication skill was highly valued and I became the go-to person for guidance and leadership on security, code design, and scalability.

The work and technology I used were as varied as the requirements themselves. Put a layer of government level security on top of that and you have the kind of challenging and creative workplace that I crave. I won various awards on the works that I did here at NASA.

Django, Python, Active Directory, Apache

Things they say that make me blush...

"Like many great engineers, he's highly skilled on the technical side. What sets Chris apart from the rest, is his awesome communication skills. He does an amazing job at bridging the gap of understanding from people of all positions, no matter their level of technical knowledge."

Nick B - Piston Cloud

"Chris is a great co-worker, who was highly involved in all aspects of the team environment. His skill and ability was a major impact to our group in the performance of project management and leadership."

Jeremy C - NASA

"His leadership skills are impressive. He is able to effectively weigh the costs and benefits of decisions... and he is able to effectively use his team, including balancing personalities and skill sets. Read more."

Dawn M. - NASA

"I first encountered Chris as an individual contributor on a small, agile team. He can solve difficult problems independently, whether they take one day or two months. His solutions withstand technical rigor and stand up over many rounds of iteration... When leading a team of engineers, Chris provides a measured optimism that inspires his engineers to go the extra mile. I myself would not have been as successful leading my own team without the model that Chris provided to me when I first joined.

Forrest C. - Piston

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